The Halton River Monsters current uniforms were believed to be bland and we didn’t stand out in our league. The team felt it was time for a change. GHBL is a great league for teams to express identities and bring some flash to the baseball diamond, from creative team names, jerseys, social media accounts, etc… With a new crop of players coming in the new look was debated back and forth with a few designs, ultimately landing on a colour scheme and layout that would make us stand out.

No other teams in our tier were using the black and red colour scheme. We proceeded to talk with the league president about sourcing new jerseys, he said they get theirs from Corbett’s, but that he had heard good things about Sultan Athletic.

After talking to a couple suppliers and looking at proofs online, I felt Sultan Athletic would deliver the custom uniforms we were looking for, with quality that would stand up for seasons to come. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire process – from design to material sourcing, to pricing. I felt that I gained a solid understanding of the manufacturing, design, and ordering process that enabled me to submit a uniform layout that is truly unique.

I’m happy to say Sultan Athletic exceeded our expectation as the uniforms came out great and were well received by entire team and supporters.

Great job!

Pat Shields.