FAQ Sultan

What happens if names are incorrect?

If the error was due to incorrect submission, it will be the customer’s responsibility and replacement fees will apply.  If deemed to be an error during the manufacturing process, the item will be replaced at [...]

Can we have a mockup created for approval?

We do provide this specific service through our LAB (design team.)  They specialize in creating designs with great attention to detail in fine tuning mockups with the production process and execution in mind.  If you [...]

What are our artwork choices?

Once patterns are chosen with specific fabrics, your choices of artwork choices on the blank garment are: screen print tackle twilled (hand cut hand sewn) Sublimation Embroidery (embroidered logo’s )

What are our fabric choices?

The fabrics that we offer are noted in the ….section of our website.  We have fabric suggestions for specific sports but ultimately you have complete flexibility in terms of fabric choice and placement on pattern.

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