How long is the turnaround time?2018-08-22T06:24:35+00:00


  • With mockup approval, turnaround time is typically 3-4 weeks from order submission.   A specific timeline will depend on the details of the order and pattern chosen.

Are rush orders available?2018-08-22T06:25:03+00:00
  • Anything less than 3 weeks (1-3 week timeframe) will constitute a rush order and a 25% surcharge will be applied.

What is the ordering process?2018-08-22T06:28:24+00:00
  • Mockup: Written description or vectorized mockup
  • Order approved (includes mockup, size, number, fabrics etc.)
  • Order submitted to production
  • Production 50% complete (Assembly of Uniform)
  • Order completed
  • Order Ready for Pickup or Ship to customer
How do I find the status of our order?2018-08-22T06:28:31+00:00
  • We have developed an order status update directly on our website.  Please visit….

Can we use stock or existing patterns?2018-08-22T06:26:46+00:00
  • Yes! You will be able to upload your existing pattern along with artwork images directly to our website.

Can we design our own pattern/style or create a custom design?2018-08-22T06:28:34+00:00
  • Yes! We encourage our customers to be as creative as possible.   If you have a vision, we at Sultan can execute it as we have been doing for over 20 years. Sultan is a custom based team uniform manufacturer. We do not carry any stock items in hopes of creating a custom product that is totally unique to your style, budget and branding. We urge you to take advantage of our creative concept and send any or all designs. Then have us go to work!  You are even able to upload your own custom designs directly to our website. It’s as simple as that!

What are our fabric choices?2018-08-22T06:28:11+00:00
  • The fabrics that we offer are noted in the ….section of our website.  We have fabric suggestions for specific sports but ultimately you have complete flexibility in terms of fabric choice and placement on pattern.

What are our artwork choices?2018-08-22T06:29:20+00:00

Once patterns are chosen with specific fabrics, your choices of artwork choices on the blank garment are:

  • screen print
  • tackle twilled (hand cut hand sewn)
  • Sublimation
  • Embroidery (embroidered logo’s )
Can we use custom artwork, fonts and graphics?2018-08-22T06:29:57+00:00
  • We can recreate or design any and all custom fonts, graphics or images as per your requirements.

Can we have a mockup created for approval?2018-08-22T06:30:41+00:00
  • We do provide this specific service through our LAB (design team.)  They specialize in creating designs with great attention to detail in fine tuning mockups with the production process and execution in mind.  If you are very specific about the finished product, we strongly suggest you take advantage of this fee based service.  The return on investment is second to none.

    No order will be submitted to manufacturing without the artwork being approved by customer.

What warranty comes with the product?2018-08-22T06:31:08+00:00
  • Our products will be free of any material defects and or poor workmanship.  Any items deemed to be defective will be replaced upon request.

What is the Life expectancy of the Uniform?2018-08-22T06:32:07+00:00
  • A number of factors come into play that can affect the ultimate life expectancy of our product.  Examples are frequency of use, sport being played and general care of product.  We do have customers who have used our uniforms for a period of 8-10 years (seasons) without having a need to replace.

What happens if names are incorrect?2018-08-22T06:32:37+00:00
  • If the error was due to incorrect submission, it will be the customer’s responsibility and replacement fees will apply.  If deemed to be an error during the manufacturing process, the item will be replaced at no cost.

What are the suggested care criteria?2018-08-22T06:33:02+00:00
  • Please wash cold, in delicate cycle and hang dry.

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