Go Custom

Investing the extra money in a custom product as opposed to generic styles when selecting a team uniform may be a wise choice for a team or athletic organization.

A custom product is manufactured to the exact specifications of the client, allowing them to have full flexibility and choice in the design, feel, process and appearance of their uniform. A reputable company that specializes in the manufacturing of customized uniforms should be chosen to allow the customer to have unlimited control and creativity.

Creating custom products

There are two overall processes in creating a cut and sew custom product. The first is the construction of the blank garment, which would initially be free from any artwork, lettering or numbering.

In this process, a customer can select or create a specific style. They can also choose a colour combination that is consistent with the organization’s identity.  They also have the flexibility to go a step further and select which specific colours they would like to place within specific panels of the overall pattern. Options are also available for the actual selection of fabrics that suits the individual needs of the team or organization — a functional fabric like “dry fit” that is comfortable and dries fast for tournament play or an eye-catching fabric such as “dazzle cloth” that will keep your competition in awe.

The second process in customization involves the artwork that is placed on the garment such as letters, numbers and images such as a team’s logo or mascot.   In the majority of cases, the client will sit down with someone from the design department and create artwork that is suited to the team’s image.

The customer has the option to create their own individual font or logo, or may choose to have the design professional create two or three options for them to choose from.

There are two kinds of materials that can be used for the application of artwork to the blank garment. Once again, this is where, the client will have some control on the cost of the item. The first option is screen-printing, which is the lighter and more cost effective method. However, the longevity of the artwork is significantly less than option two.

The second option is hand-cut and hand-sewn tackle twill. This process takes a longer time to manufacture and is more costly, but gives the overall professional image and quality that will last for years.

There is now a new third option which is a process called sublimation.  In this process the artwork is dyed and heat sealed directly into the fabric.  Some advantages to using this process is the there are no limitation on artworks as the customer has unlimited options without additional setup charges for design and colour selection. . This artwork option also tends to be more lightweight as there is no artwork added on top of garment as it is added and dyed within the actual fabric and makes for a very lightweight, durable product.

Budgeting for your custom uniform.

All these options are available to the client in hopes of creating a look and feel that exemplifies the team or organization. To create an even higher end product we sometimes combine these processes to create a truly one of a kind product.  It is important for the client to be familiar with the options available to them. It is also recommended that the client has a sense of the team/organization’s working finances in order to have more control over the customization process, since the styles, materials and artwork options selected will directly affect the price.

As a customer you will have a more satisfying experience when purchasing your uniforms through a manufacturer who specializes in a custom product. You will undoubtedly gain more freedom and creativity in the design, quality, image and feel of the finished product, and more importantly more control in terms of your working budget.

 A customer should always be aware of budget while in the process of selecting a specific style or pattern. In the construction process a basic pattern would have less panels, require less work and ultimately would be less expensive than an intricate pattern which would have more panels, require more processes in the design, require more labor to produce and ultimately be more costly.

What a custom uniform can do for your team

A great looking uniform in competition has a significant affect on both the players wearing the garment and the opposing team viewing the garment. Many coaches agree that players who feel good about themselves, translates into greater confidence and better play on the court.

When a team looks great collectively they acquire a new found confidence that becomes an intimidating factor even before the whistle blows. A great custom uniform gives the advantage in the psychological warfare of sport.

As the popular saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression!” The goal in competition is to make an impression on your opponent, and there is no better way to accomplish this then through a professional image.

A great custom uniform can certainly add to your team’s overall success both on and off the court. This combined with good work ethic and professionalism is an excellent foundation for any successful team or elite organization.

In sport, success comes at a price. A team must invest their time, dedication and diligent training to ensure success. Isn’t it time you invested in a great custom uniform? An investment that will surely pay dividends now and years to come.

If your team or association is looking for the custom jersey experience, please contact Sultan Athletics and speak with one of our experienced customer care professionals.