Look Like A Pro On The Gridiron.

When it comes to getting football uniforms for your team, you need to know that you are getting the toughest, highest-quality jerseys available on the market. That’s where we come in. Sultan Athletic has been perfecting the science of custom jersey and uniform creation for years, and now we want to extend the benefits of our service to you this football season.
When you are getting new jerseys for your football team, you need 3 things:

Tough Durable Materials   –   Unique, Custom Designs   –   Professional Look and Feel


Every football player knows that the gridiron is relentless and that your equipment takes a beating every time you suit up. That’s why the materials that go into your team’s jerseys is as important as anything else you put on. You want it to hold up to the tugging, pulling and stretching that take place every time you hit the field. That’s why we put extra care into the materials we select to put into our uniforms and jerseys to give your team a crisp, clean and finished look. We also put a lot of focus into improving our manufacturing process to ensure that your uniforms will be the toughest items of athletic wear you have ever owned. We want our top-quality uniforms to be your go-to athletic wear today and in the future.
While toughness and durability are top concerns of any football team, it is also very important that you are proud of the designs on your equipment. There is no greater team-builder than to have modified jerseys and uniforms which perfectly underline your team’s tough mentality and fighting spirit. That is why we provide you with the option of completely customizing your uniforms with different colours, designs, logos and splashing to give you a unique, one of a kind look. Watch the reactions other teams in your league will have when they see you take the field in your sharp uniforms.


Design and personalization are incredibly important to us. We want to make sure that your customized football jerseys stand out and make your opponents jealous. That is why we offer hundreds of customization options which you can browse at your leisure. Whether you want custom logos, emblems, patterns, colours or shades, we have the right combination of expertise and manufacturing ability to make them a reality. We want to make sure that you are confident and enjoying your new look every time you step out on the field. Our design professionals can help you make design choices which will leave your opponents wishing they had your look.
Last but not least, we at Sultan Athletic pride ourselves on producing top-quality custom football jerseys with customer service in mind. For us, it is not enough to simply offer one of the largest custom design selections in North America.

We need to make sure that we are doing so with your needs in mind. That’s why we have a team of design professionals which take your needs into consideration when helping you choose colour coordination, custom designs and your time constraints. We will remain in contact with you throughout the design and delivery process to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with our products because at the end of the day, you happiness is our greatest reward.
If you want to see the difference that Sultan Athletic brings to the custom football jersey game, you only have to give us a quick call. Within 5 minutes, you will know that you are dealing with one of the best custom jersey manufacturers in North America. Let us show you the Sultan Athletic difference today!