My Sultan Athletic Experience

Written by: L. Barrett – Basketball Coach

I have been using Sultan Athletic for my team uniforms since 2007.  Over the years I have been able to push the boundaries uniform design, due to the limitless possibilities that come with customization and Sultan’s ability and willingness to be innovative.  In 2017, I moved to a new school that had just opened during the 2016-2017 school year.  In this school, I would be starting two basketball programs (girls and boys) and I knew that I wanted to a new, exciting and premium-looking uniform that students and staff would be excited about.

Idea Generation

Nike had just released their new template for their NBA and WNBA uniforms in 2017.  The new template had a scapula shoulder cut on the back of the jersey, which allowed for a wider range of motion in the arms and shoulder area.

Additionally, I liked the pentagon style neckline that many of the teams in the NCAA and FIBA basketball teams were using, so I thought I would try to incorporate that into my design.

Many of the of the Nike sponsored NCAA schools have been using an areographic design – an engineered mesh providing zoned cooling that reduces up to half of the yarn.   This process also results in an image within the fabric of the jersey created by strategically puncturing holes in the fabric.


I began constructing the mock-up of the team uniforms. The design piece was easy as I have a background in designing.  However, creating the aerographic design on the back of the jersey would prove to be challenging.  Through collaboration and consultation, we were able to select the Rev.3000 fabric that has rich colours and its lightweight mesh make up, provided the right look so that we would be able sublimate a design on the back that would provide the same look.  Once the design was completed, I included a full write-up which included all the specific details of the production and sent it off.

Final Product

The final product was delivered approximately 4-5 weeks after the order was submitted.  The uniforms were crafted to the specifications that we outlined in the order and was a big hit amongst the students and staff.

Sultan Athletic is open and willing to push boundaries in the field of custom designed uniforms, while producing exceptional products at a more than competitive price. Contact them today and create your own custom jerseys.